Best Cleaning Hacks for Commercial Entrance Floor Mats

Easy-to-follow Tips to Improve Your Business Mats Effectiveness & Longevity

Have you ever noticed muddy footprints on your entry flooring tracking away from your mat? That’s usually a sign that your entrance floor mat is too saturated with water and dirt to do its job. Cleaning commercial floor matting regularly can prevent this issue. It will also extend the life of your floor mats.  If you've ever wondered how to clean entrance floor mats, then this article is for you!

Tips for Cleaning Recessed, Walk Off Floor Mats

Aluminum entrance mats—a popular type of recessed walk-off mats—remove high volumes of sand, dirt, mud, and moisture from shoes entering and exiting your building. If you follow these simple cleaning tips, your walk-off mats will last longer and work better whether yours have carpet, vinyl, or metal tread. 

  1. Vacuum Daily

Vacuuming is the most effective method to remove moisture, dirt, sand, and debris. We recommend running a vacuum over your entrance floor mats at least once a day. Many businesses and organizations vacuum right before they open their doors in the morning or after locking their doors in the evening.

  1. Clean Underneath Weekly

One of the reasons commercial aluminum floor mats are so good at capturing dirt and debris is because they’re installed in a recessed area. Dirt, sand, and other debris fall down into this area that can hold more than a typical floor mat. It’s smart to clean out this area once a week during wet seasons like the winter and spring. You may only need to clean this area once a month during dry seasons.

Simply roll up your mat and pull it out of the recessed pit to clean underneath. (We recommend vacuuming the mat first, so no debris on the surface gets stuck in between the aluminum rails when you roll it up.) Then use a broom or vacuum to remove all of the sand, dirt, and debris in the pit. Once the area is clean, place your mat back in place and unroll it. 

If your floor matting system has a drain, this is an excellent time to make sure nothing is blocking water flow to it. 

  1. Wash with Soap & Water Periodically when Cleaning Door Mar

When your floor mats need more than a vacuum, use hot water and soap to wash away mud and other stains. If your floor mats or grids have vinyl or metal treads, you can use an industrial floor cleaning machine or mop. Use a rag or carpet cleaning machine if you have aluminum floor matting with carpet tread. Many people believe that you need a special cleaning solution. However, one of the best floor mat cleaner solutions is standard dish soap and warm water.

Bonus Tip For Cleaning Aluminum Floor Mats

  • Don’t ever use wax or other polish products on aluminum floor mats because it can be a potential hazard and increase the risk of slips and falls.

Additional Cleaning Tips for Traditional Floor Mats

The best ways to keep traditional commercial floor mats–that aren’t recessed–clean are similar. If you have carpet, vinyl, rubber, or polypropylene entrance mats or rubber drainage mats, rubber scraper mats, or microfiber wiper mats you should:

  • Vacuum your mats daily.
  •  Clean the mats with soap and hot water as needed. 

There are two additional cleaning tips for traditional commercial floor mats. 

Spray Down the Mats & Mop Underneath Weekly

The flooring underneath these types of commercial floor mats or rugs often becomes discolored. There are two things you can do to prevent this:

  • Mop underneath the floor mats at least once a week.
  • Spray down the back of the mats outside at least once a week. (If you have rubber or vinyl mats, you can spray down both sides.)

Cleaning experts recommend using a mat transport rack to move your mats in and out. You can also use it as a drying rack. 

Make sure the backs of your mats are dry before you return them to the floor. Otherwise, they may slip and slide across the floor. If you have carpet or polypropylene mats, wait until they are completely dry before you take them inside. This will reduce the risk of mold and mildew.

Following these simple cleaning tips can help your business floor mats stay in excellent condition for years. If your commercial floor matting needs more TLC than this, it’s time to start searching for replacements. 

Base Specialties can help you find the best solution to protect your floors and prevent trips, slips, and falls. Contact us to learn more about our custom commercial floor mats!

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