BaseTread GB-500

BaseTread GB-500

The BaseTread GB-500 series provides support for heavy foot and cart traffic. The rugged 3/4" aluminum rails assure stability and longevity, while the vinyl hinge allows the tread to be rolled up and moved for easy cleaning. See below for all Tread and Metal Colors.

GB-500 Variants

Frame Options for BaseTread GB-500

Product Frames


Product Details

  • Materials: Corrosion-Resistant 6063-T5&T6 aluminum with numerous insert options
  • Weight Load Capacity: 1,000 lbs. per wheel
  • Thickness: 3/4"
  • Depth Mat and L-5 frame: 3/4"
  • Frame Options: Recess only
  • LEED: based on NCv4
    - v4 MR p2
    - v4 MR c1
    - v4 MR c3
    - v4 EQ c1
  • Recycled Content: 38.3% per-consumer
  • Additional Specs: 6063-T5 &T6 aluminum spaced 1-1/2" on center, connected with aluminum hinge and 1" x 1/8" slotted holes for maximum drainage
  • Custom alternation patterns are available for all inserts


Product Downloads

Tread Insert Options

Tread Types

Metal Finish Options


Mill finish is standard. Anodized color palette shown. Custom anodized and powder coated finishes available upon request.

Product Detail Drawings

Product Detail Drawings



Recessed Angle Frame


Recessed Angle Frame Reverse Mitered


No Frame

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