How long do commercial floor mats last?

When it comes to the life of commercial floor mats, it all starts with quality.

Commercial floor matting is an important investment in your business. From restaurants to apartment buildings and convenience stores to nursing homes, protecting your floors – and the people who use them – will save you future stress and prevent costly accidents.


Knowing of its importance, you are likely wondering how long you should expect your floor matting to last. The answer – It depends! If you purchase an entry protection system from Base Specialties, and take care of it, you could use the same product for several years. Aluminum foot grilles, for example, can last more than a decade. If you opt for a lower-quality system from another manufacturer and/or neglect basic cleaning, allowing your matting to collect heavy snow, dirt and other debris, you’ll be looking for replacements much sooner.


When you purchase a Base Specialties system, you’re starting off on the right foot. Our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA, which means quality comes first. But just like a top-of-the-line vehicle, the longevity of your entry protection system is largely dependent on three factors: Foot traffic, the type of product you’re using and how well you care for it.

Location, Location, Location

Where you put your mat/grid/grille, and the foot traffic at that location, helps determine how much effort you can expect to put into cleaning it. Front entrance of a busy lobby during the winter? Our low-maintenance matting systems are specifically designed to prevent water, mud and other debris from settling on the surface and creating hazardous walking conditions. 

Types of Matting

You’ll want to select a matting that’s best designed to handle the foot traffic and overall use of your space. Base Specialties offers top-quality floor mats, floor grids and entrance grilles that meet a variety of commercial needs.


1. Entrance Floor Mats

These are ideal for residential or office buildings and can last years if properly cleaned. Our aluminum BaseMats have stress-free installation and are easy to roll up, clean and maintain. They can also be surface mounted or recessed, depending on your entryway. Entrance floor mats provide a nice barrier to protect your building from the snow, mud, dirt and debris that tends to infiltrate entryways.


2. Entrance Floor Grids

The rugged aluminum framework in our entrance floor grids ensures both stability and longevity, which means you could enjoy several years of use with regular cleaning. Floor grids are designed to withstand heavier loads (up to 1,000 pounds in wheel load ratings), and they are great at reducing traffic noise. Our BaseTread and BaseGrid products are perfect for high-traffic entryways, covered exterior entrances, vestibules and busy commercial lobbies.


3. Stainless Entrance Grilles

Stainless entrance grilles are designed with horizontal, rigid panels that effectively remove dirt from foot traffic and prevent moisture build up. These are specifically designed to be inserted into recessed floors, like those you find in an elevator lobby. And because they are stainless steel, these grilles provide a special aesthetic appeal along with their incredible durability. As a leading manufacturer of stainless entrance grilles, Base Specialties can provide a uniquely designed system built with longevity in mind to meet your needs.

A Little Bit of Maintenance Goes a Long Way

A huge benefit of aluminum commercial flooring systems is that they are easy to clean and quick to dry. Simply put, they are built to last, saving you money and stress of purchasing new mats every few months. Depending on the product, maintenance requires regular vacuuming, good old-fashioned broom sweeping and (possibly) rinsing.  

In general, your floor matting will last longer and maintain its effectiveness if you:

  • Vacuum regularly (weekly or monthly depending on foot traffic).
  • Use softer brushes and mild cleansers/water.
  • Use the correct type of flooring system to accommodate the amount of foot traffic and weight.
  • Do not place it in direct sunlight (this one may be beyond your control).

You can find more information on cleaning for a variety of our floor matting systems here: Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions

What's the right commercial floor matt for your space?

Whether you select a flooring system from our BaseMat Series, BaseTread Series or BaseGrid Series, you can expect durability and quality for several years. If you aren’t sure what type of matting you should be looking for, contact us! We specialize in designing and manufacturing the exact entry protection product that best suits your building and application. And we lead the industry in providing the shortest lead times. We also welcome custom orders! 

Contact us today with questions or to tell us how we can help set up your ideal entry protection system. 

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