How to Choose the Best Entrance Floor Mats for Your Business

Buying Tips for Picking Commercial Floor Mats That Will Keep Your Business Safe, Clean, & Attractive.

Buying commercial floor mats may not be as exciting as other commercial décor, but your choice can have a big impact on your bottom line. Commercial floor mats or grids protect your entry flooring from wear 'n tear and stop mud and dirt tracking through your business. 

Most of all, the right entrance mats prevent slips, trips, and falls that can lead to expensive lawsuits and worker compensation costs.

The Cost of Buying the Wrong Commercial Door Mats

In 2021, injuries from slips, trips, and falls cost American businesses over $13 billion across all industries and nearly $50,000 per claim for worker compensation. 

Lawsuits brought by customers, clients, and workers can cost your enterprise even more per claim. According to Liberty Mutual's most recent Workplace Safety Index, slips, trips, and falls are among the 10 top causes of disabling injuries that led to workers missing more than 5 days of work.

If your business has hard flooring—such as marble, wood, or tile—in the entrance, the risk of workplace slips, trips, and falls is greater. Entrance mats that can slip and slide across your floor or have a lip that shoes can get caught on can also increase the risk of accidents. It is absolutely essential that you make the right purchase when it comes to your commercial entryway mats.

3 Features of the Best High-quality Commercial Walk Off Mat

When you are looking for commercial walk off mats, look for these three features that will keep your business safe, clean, and attractive. 

  1. Non-Slip & Anti-Trip

Avoid the hassle of moving floor mats and the risk of tripping customers with recessed entrance floor mats or grids. Even the best non-slip or anti-slip rubber, carpet, and vinyl floor mats end up out of place and often get caught on shoes. Aluminum floor mats and grids are installed to be flush with your flooring. They stay in place even under heavy foot traffic. These metal floor mats and grids are truly non-slip and anti-trip.

Having a metal entrance floor mat might sound slippery, but it isn't. Aluminum floor mats and grids are manufactured with carpet, vinyl, or serrated aluminum treads. The result is slip-free flooring that captures more moisture, dirt, and debris. Having quality mats inside and outside your business could also improve employee comfort!

  1. Reduces Your Cleaning Costs

Clean floors can make a lasting first impression on customers and clients. But keeping your floors clean can feel like a losing battle whether you run a retail store or manufacturing plant. Heavy foot traffic can track in pounds of grime and moisture every month. 

High-quality commercial floor mats capture dirt, mud, sand, and water so it doesn't spread throughout your building. Exterior door mats commercial quality is exactly what Base Spec provides to its clients.

Base Specialties' aluminum entry mats and grids systems can capture up to 24 pounds of dirt per month! And reduce muck and moisture throughout your building by up to 80%, resulting in lower cleaning costs for your business.

  1. Customizable for Your Business

Commercial entrance floor mats should be functional, attractive and fade resistent. For example, you may want carpet in your entry to make your business feel welcoming and disguise the large amounts of dirt and mud customers track in. Or, if you need industrial floor mats, you may want an entrance grid with serrated vinyl or serrated aluminum tread that provides extra traction. 

You shouldn't have to compromise safety for aesthetics. With aluminum floor mats, you don't have to. Base Specialties works with businesses to create custom commercial entrance mats. Aluminum material could provide the perfect floor mats for your shop!

Our commercial mats, grids, and grilles can be crafted to fit in uniquely shaped entryways. You can choose the tread of your choice: carpet, serrated or abrasive vinyl, or serrated metal. You can also pick the tread and aluminum finish color that best matches your business décor. 

The Gold Standard of Commercial Floor Mats

Aluminum entrance matting is the gold standard of commercial floor mats. It helps businesses save money on their cleaning costs, prevents dangerous slips, trips, falls, and anti fatigue and can be customized for your business. Base Specialties' aluminum floor matting is used in corporate headquarters, churches, health care facilities, hotels, grocery stores, shopping centers, schools, and more!

Want to learn more about aluminum floor mats? Check out our FAQs page! If you are ready to request a sample or discuss your project, contact us! We have the shortest lead times and all our aluminum floor matting is manufactured and assembled here in the USA. No order is too small or large for us!

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