How To Clean Commercial Floor Mats, Grids, & Grilles

Floor mats for commercial and industrial use are a necessity for keeping the floors of your building clean and safe. They're designed to be durable, easy to clean, and to prevent slipping (which could lead to injury and lawsuits). But over time, they can become dirty, stained, damaged, and potentially even unsafe.

Industrial floor mats, grids, and grilles are designed to be cleaned with a variety of cleaning products, but there are a few tips that will make the job easier and save you money.

Mats, Grids, & Grilles: What’s The Difference?

Commercial floor mats come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. They're designed for different uses, so it's important to know the differences between them.

Entrance Floor Mats

Entrance floor mats are the first line of defense against dirt, grime, and water. They are typically made of rubber or vinyl, but can also include a variety of additional materials, like a layer of foam or a non-skid backing.

How To Clean An Industrial Entrance Floor Mat

The first step in cleaning your entrance floor mat is to remove any dirt or debris. You can use a broom or a vacuum, but be careful not to damage the mat. If you use a vacuum, be sure to use a soft brush attachment if needed.

Next, you can rinse or spray the mat with a mixture of water and soap (or detergent). You can also use a commercial cleaner designed for mats, or just dish soap or liquid laundry detergent. If the mat is made of rubber or vinyl, you may need to use a cleaner that's specifically designed for these materials (such as a floor cleaner).

After the soap is rinsed away completely, you need to dry the floor mat quickly to prevent mold and mildew. You can do this by using a fan or a hairdryer, or by placing the mat in direct sunlight. The latter method is preferable if it’s a hot and sunny day with no wind or debris flying around, assuming you have a clean place to hang or spread out the mat.

When To Replace An Industrial Entrance Floor Mat

You should replace your mat when it's no longer able to protect the floors from dirt, grime, and moisture, or when it becomes too worn or unsightly. If you're unsure, check the manufacturer's recommendations.

When evaluating whether or not to replace your entrance floor mat, consider the safety of you, your customers, employees, vendors, and other personnel who may be on your property at any time. An entrance mat that's worn out or damaged may not protect your floors from slipping hazards, or may be a hazard itself. If you're not sure if your mat needs to be replaced, it might be best to consult safe flooring experts for advice.

Entrance Floor Grids

Entrance floor grids are typically made of metal, steel, or plastic, and are used to prevent slipping and to trap dirt, dust, and debris. They're typically placed at the entrance of a building or facility, or in a high-traffic liminal space or area. Sometimes they’re designed to be installed in a recessed floor, but not always.

How To Clean An Industrial Entrance Floor Grid

First, sift through the grid and remove any debris that may have accumulated. You can use a broom or vacuum to do this, or a specialty brush if you have one. Next, rinse the grid with water until it's clean. Use a cleaning product designed for your specific material.

If the grid is made of metal (like aluminum) or steel, it may be necessary to use an anti-corrosion cleaner on it. If you're unsure what type of cleaner to use on your particular grid, consult with the manufacturer or an industrial flooring professional.

Finally, you should dry the grid as soon as possible. You can do this by using an absorbent material (like a towel) or a high-powered fan. If you use a towel or other absorbent material, be sure that it's clean and dry first. Don't let any moisture remain on the grid for an extended period of time because it could lead to rusting. If the grid has some sort of fabric on it, refer to the entrance floor mat section above for additional cleaning information.

When To Replace An Industrial Entrance Floor Grid

If you see that your entrance floor grid is damaged (for example, it’s rusted or falling apart), you should replace it immediately because it could pose a safety hazard. Floor grids can come apart after significant erosion occurs.

Removing a floor grid can be tricky if it's rusted through. If you're unable to remove the grid yourself (or don't feel comfortable doing so), contact a professional who specializes in industrial flooring. If the entrance floor grid is in a recessed floor, refer to the precautions below for additional information.

Entrance Floor Grilles

Grilles, like grids and entrance mats, are designed to trap dirt and debris before they enter the building. They're typically made of metal, steel, or heavy plastic. One difference between a grille and a grid is that grilles are almost universally designed to be inserted into recessed floors (like those in an elevator lobby).

How To Clean An Industrial Entrance Floor Grille

While grids can be made of various materials, grilles are almost universally made of some type of alloy (like steel or metal) or hard plastic. The latter material is rare, but not unheard of. The grille should be removed from its frame and cleaned similarly to the method described above for grids.

A key difference between the cleaning processes of grilles and grids, however, is that grilles are almost always designed to be installed in place. Because of this design difference, there could be a higher risk of injury during the cleaning process. So take caution and use the proper tools when cleaning your entrance grille.

When To Replace An Industrial Entrance Floor Grille

Knowing when to replace a commercial entrance floor grille is especially important because old or damaged grilles are significantly more hazardous than entrance mats or non-recessed grids. If you notice that your grille is rusting through or falling apart (or if it's damaged in any other way), you should replace it immediately. You can also check with manufacturer documentation or a grille replacement professional for specific instructions.

Where To Buy Commercial Floor Mats, Grids, & Grilles

Base Specialties is a leading supplier of industrial entrance floor mats, grids, and grilles in the United States and worldwide. If your entrance floor mat, grid, or grille is too old or worn out to clean and needs to be replaced, check out Base Specialties. You can even request a sample from them if you aren’t quite sure yet which kind of entrance mat, grid, or grille you need.

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