How to Replace and Install Commercial Mats

Floor mats are a necessary component for both homes and businesses alike. Many people are unaware that there are actually specific mats for specific areas of a facility. 

BaseMat commercial entry mats are the standard commercial mat around the board that helps protect your establishment’s flooring. Roll-up aluminum mats are the best option for workplaces because they are safety guaranteed. 

The BaseMat helps prevent trips and falls and is an effective way to keep your establishment clean. They monitor and limit the amount of dirt brought in from outside, providing a clean work environment.

Read here to learn how to effectively replace and install commercial door mats. 

Steps for Installing or Replacing Your Commercial Mat

  1. Evaluate the Fit of Your Mat - You will want to measure the dimensions of your BaseMat pit (where tile or other flooring has been removed) accordingly. Once you know the correct measurements, you can buy the perfectly fitting mat. 
  1. Roll Up the Old Mat and Wrap for Recycling - Because most commercial mats are aluminum, we suggest recycling your floor mat. You may also want to keep the old mat if it’s in good condition for future use. 
  1. Clean the Old Mat Area - Any old dirt and debris piled up in your mat area may result in an uneven mat. Make sure to clean the area thoroughly before adding a new mat.
  1. Double-Check Your Measurements - When you are ready to install your new mat, double-check your measurements one last time to ensure a perfect fit. Measure from left to right and from the top, middle, and bottom in case the pit dimensions are not the same throughout.
  1. Add Your New Mat - Roll your new BaseMat into the pit of the old mat area. Apply even pressure throughout so your mat holds steady in place.
  1. Installation Completed - If measured correctly, your new mat should fit perfectly into place and not budge! It is as easy as the 5 simple steps mentioned above and will last extensively.

Where to Keep Commercial Door Mats

You can use these mats all around the office. A good place to start is right outside of the front door so dirt and other debris aren’t tracked in. You can also put these flat floor mats in hallways or other heavily trafficked areas throughout the office such as in front of the restroom or break room.

We advise businesses to always have commercial entry mats both inside and outside of each entry doorway for a more cohesive and professional look. If using a carpeted mat, we recommend placing one under each office space, chair, and electronic appliance.

Best Commercial Entrance Mats

We recommend using the BaseTread MB-300 or MB-400 for your workspace. This is the most popular commercial mat on the market. 

They carry up to 350 pounds per wheel and are made from 49% recycled material. The tread comes in either MonoScrape carpet, vinyl, polybrush, vinyl abrasive, or serrated aluminum material.

The metal finish options are standard mill, clear, light-dark bronze, and black. These commercial mats are incredibly versatile and will complement any business or other commercial establishment. 

Buy Commercial Door Mats Today!

Installing new commercial entry mats or replacing old ones is simple and takes almost no time at all. They come in a variety of tread and metal colors to match your business aesthetic and are built to last.

Please contact us with further entry mats commercial questions and feel free to read Base Specialties’ other blog posts.

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