What is a Commercial Walk-off Mat?

All About Commercial Walk-Off Mats

Commercial walk-off mats, commonly referred to simply as aluminum entrance mats, are designed to prevent foot and wheeled traffic from tracking dirt, snow, mud and other debris in your building.

As their name suggests, these mats are placed at the entrance, typically inside but can be strategically placed outside. These flooring applications are the first line of defense against the outdoor elements and are economical, easy to clean and maintain and can be quite pleasing to the eye. They can also be customized to fit any entranceway.

Types of Aluminum Entrance Mats

Commercial walk-off mats can be made from a variety of materials, from carpet to polypropylene and with several different tread insert options. Base Specialties’ walk-off mats are designed with aluminum rails, ensuring durability and non-slip features. This makes it easy to keep your floors clean – just roll them up and clean the floor beneath!

Aluminum Hinged Framework

Our BaseMat MB-300 series entrance mats are composed of aluminum rails connected by aluminum hinges for superior fit with vinyl cushioned supports running the length of each rail. These are designed for maximum strength and durability. If heavy wheeled carts regularly pass through your entryway, this may be the best option for you.

Vinyl Hinged Framework

A quieter alternative to the MB-300 series, the BaseMat MB-400 series entrance mats are equally as effective in clearing foot traffic of dirt, mud and debris. These mats are also composed of aluminum rails with vinyl cushioned supports running the length of each rail. The difference is in the hinges: they are made of vinyl, which makes for quieter movement over the mat.


The good news is that walk-off mats can have long lives if they are regularly cleaned and well-maintained. The even better news is that cleaning is a pretty easy task. Basic guidance is outlined below, and keep in mind vacuuming is the most effective method for removing debris between the rails:

  1. During the winter season, remove product and clean rails once per week. During other seasons, once per month should be sufficient.
  2. Remove any debris between the rails during the cleaning process. Each time the rails are cleaned, make sure there is no debris underneath in the recess, as this will prevent warping and related long-term problems.
  3. If the units are above a drain, ensure that nothing is blocking the water flow to the drain
  4. To clean the aluminum surfaces within the mat, it’s best practice to use soap and hot water, then allow mat to dry
  5. Note: Never apply wax or other polishing products to the surface of the mats. This would create a potential hazard.`

Should I Use a Walk-Off Floor Mat?

If your building entrance sees quite a bit of foot traffic, a walk off mat is an excellent investment, as it protects your flooring and ultimately reduces cleaning costs and prevents costly accidents, while helping to maintain a healthy environment for your employees and visitors.

An efficient entrance matting system, such as a commercial walk off mat, can remove up to 24 pounds of dirt per 1,000 people walking through the door. This amount of foot traffic would otherwise remove half of your floor’s finish within the first six feet of your entryway over a short time. Clearly, there isn’t much of a reason why you shouldn’t invest in a walk-off mat.

Talk to the Experts at Base Specialties

We are a leading manufacturer of commercial entrance mats, offering several sizes and styles of aluminum entrance mats that will help keep your building safe and clean. We welcome custom orders, so if you’re not sure where to start, we will work with you to develop a system that best suits your entranceway. Contact us today!

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