What is Metal Floor Grating or Stainless-Steel Grating?

Stainless-steel grates are rugged and durable metal floor grates specifically designed to survive highly corrosive environments. This allows them to have a long life through uses in a variety of locations with heavy foot traffic, such as walkways, ramps, entranceways, platforms and stairways.

They are designed for strength and durability, constructed with a series of bearing bars joined at intervals and perpendicular to cross bars to form a heavy load-bearing panel. Extreme weather conditions are never an issue for these grates.

Types of Stainless-Steel Grating

Stainless-steel gratings are typically produced with bearing bar spacings ranging from 19/16” (1-3/16”) to 7/16” on center with cross bars at 4” or 2” on center. There are two main types of steel grates:

Welded Steel Grating

One of the most commonly used steel grating, this is also referred to as metal open bar grating. Known for its anti-slip surface, corrosion resistance, high load capacity and excellent draining, welded steel grating is a popular option for walkways and stairs.

Press Lock Steel Grating

Also called pressure locked grating, press lock grating has high weight bearing capacity and is particularly easy to both install and remove. A wide range of facilities utilize this type of grating, from factories and civil building to commercial spaces.

Should I Use a Stainless-Steel Grate?

Their extreme durability, effective drainage and anti-slip properties make stainless-steel grates ideal for outside areas that experience the harshest weather conditions. These systems help you prevent dangerous accidents from slips and, like other floor grates, they help clean debris from the foot traffic entering your building. Industries that can especially benefit from this sort of system are those dealing with chemical processing, oil and gas, food processing and water treatment. Key benefits of metal floor grates include:

· High strength-to-weight ratio, making them extremely durable and resilient.

· Easy to fabricate to any configuration.

· Virtually maintenance free due to its high percentage of open area and construction.

Other Types of Metal Grates

Stainless-steel grates are probably the most well-known metal grates, but there are several other options with similar functionality, including aluminum bar, aluminum plank and riveted bar, just to name a few. Metal bar grating has long been the premier choice for open metal flooring, earning the reputation as “the workhorse of industrial flooring”.

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