7 Entrance Mat Manufacturers & Suppliers USA Business Owners Should Know About

7 Entrance Mat Manufacturers & Suppliers USA Business Owners Should Know About

7 Entrance Mat Manufacturers & Suppliers in the USA Business Owners Should Know About

Your customers and workers track pounds of dirt, water, and other debris into your business every day. According to experts, washing it away costs you approximately $500 per pound. You can dramatically reduce the cleaning costs at your business by investing in metal commercial floor mats or grilles at your building's entrance.  

A metal entrance mat, grill, or grid is a smart investment for any manufacturing facility, retail store, office building, or other business. Along with cutting down on your cleaning costs, the best commercial entrance floor systems increase safety. 

Slips, trips, and falls are the leading causes of workplace injuries across a variety of industries costing businesses billions of dollars in lawsuits and workers' compensation claims. A customized metal entrance mat, grill or grid that extends 6 to 15 feet from your doorway can reduce dirt and moisture throughout your building by 80%, preventing dangerous slips, trips and falls on your property.

Leaders in Commercial Floor Mats, Grids & Grilles in the USA 

The USA's top commercial entrance mat manufacturers and suppliers are Balco, Inc., Construction Specialties, Inc., JL Industries, Nystrom Building Products, Pawling Corporation, Kadee Industries, Reese Enterprises, Inc, and Base Specialties.   

Balco, Inc.

Balco, Inc. manufactures a wide range of construction products, including slip-resistant entrance floor mats and grids. 

Construction Specialties, Inc.

Construction Specialties is another manufacturer of various specialty architectural products, including commercial entrance mats and grilles.

JL Industries

JL Industries specializes in manufacturing and distributing risk-reduction products for the commercial construction industry. Their catalog of products includes aluminum and stainless steel entrance mats and grating.

Nystrom Building Products 

Like JL Industries, Nystrom is a manufacturer of safety-related specialty building products, including versatile entrance mats. 

Pawling Corporation

Pawling Corporation manufactures handrails, wall guards, athletic flooring and entrance matting. 

Kadee Industries

Kadee Industries specializes in manufacturing stainless steel grating systems and entrance mats. Their catalog also includes aluminum grilles and mats.

Reese Enterprises, Inc.

Reese Enterprises is a family-owned business specializing in door hardware and entrance floor mats and grates.

Base Specialities 

Base Specialities is the youngest business on this list, but it has quickly become a leader in manufacturing and supplying entrance floor mats, grids, and grilles. The Base team has over 110 years of combined experience and offers the shortest lead times in the industry. Our product catalog includes the industry's strongest aluminum entrance grid capable of bearing 1,000 lbs. per wheel load and stainless steel entrance floor grilles with the same weight capacity. 

All of Base's products meet the codes set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for freely accessible buildings for people with disabilities. In addition, our entrance floor solutions can help your business meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) requirements to qualify for tax breaks and, potentially, a higher property value. So if you want your business to be an eco-friendliness space, check out our highest LEED-rated flooring systems

Whether you want a carpeted entrance floor mat or stainless steel entrance grill, we can customize it for your business! What sets Base Specialties' team apart from other manufacturers--aside from our swift production and fast delivery--is our commitment to building strong relationships with our customers. We will work closely with you from the selection process to installation and maintenance. Our motto is "built to serve" because we know that excellent customer service makes all the difference.

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