Durable, Sleek and Low-Maintenance: All About Stainless Foot Grilles

Stainless steel foot grilles and metal floor grids do a lot to keep your business clean, as they prevent chemical and dirt pollutants from tracking across your lobby and throughout your building. They also typically require less cleaning and maintenance than traditional floor mats and provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to your entryway. If your building sees a heavy flow of foot traffic, this is probably the flooring system for you.

Do I Need a Stainless Steel Foot Grille?


Metal floor grids are ideal for buildings with high pedestrian traffic, including:

  • Train stations and airports.
  • Government buildings: courthouses, libraries, museums, etc.
  • Healthcare facilities.
  • Entertainment and shopping centers.

You should also consider the weight of foot traffic in addition to the volume. If your entryway welcomes luggage carts or deliveries, for example, you should consider stainless grilles if nothing more than for their structural integrity. See Base Specialities’ BaseGrille, an architectural stainless steel entrance grille that is designed to handle 1,000 pounds per wheel rolling load.

An Effective, Low-Maintenance Flooring System

Arguably the greatest benefit of stainless steel grilles is their low-maintenance durability. They are crafted with horizontal panels that efficiently remove dirt and debris from foot traffic and wheels. As with all foot grilles and mats, stainless steel grilles should be cleaned periodically to ensure premier performance.


We recommend a weekly surface cleaning, which includes vacuuming and brushing to remove debris from between the horizontal bars. For more thorough cleaning, remove the grilles from the recess and then vacuum or power spray them. While stainless steel is resistant to rusting and other common forms of deterioration, exposure to some elements – such as iron residue – can damage its surface over time. You can treat these surface “stains” with most cleaning solutions designed for stainless steel products. Consult your owners’ manual or contact us for more cleaning guidance.


The Right Foot Grille for You

The below hand-picked stainless steel entrance grilles from Base Specialties are designed for high-traffic entryways and with clean aesthetics in mind. What sets the BaseGrille series apart from other grilles on the market is that Base Specialities offers you the shortest lead times for these custom-made entrance floor solutions. 

BaseGrille SS-800 Series

The BaseGrille SS-800 entrance grilles are manufactured from 304 and 316 stainless steel. They tout a modern design and effectively scrape dirt and debris from shoes and wick away any moisture that would otherwise end up on your floors.

View BaseTread SS-800 stainless steel entrance grilles here.

BaseGrille SS-900 Series

This series includes our classic high-quality grilles with particularly high tensile strength, durability and corrosion resistance. The SS-900 series is designed with heavy workloads in mind, featuring u-clip supports and a performance-centered bar profile. 

View BaseTread SS-900 stainless steel entrance grilles here.

Why Choose Base Specialties

Base Specialties is a leading manufacturer of stainless entrance floor grilles. You can find our grilles, among other flooring systems, in businesses around the world. And for good reason. In addition to our marketed stainless steel entrance grilles, we welcome custom orders where we design and manufacture the entry protection that best suits your building and application. 

Click here to discuss your floor system needs with us! 

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