Types of Commercial Floor Mats & Where To Use Them

Commercial entrance mats are the most effective way to stop dirt and moisture at the door of your building. Businesses across industries rely on them to keep their office environments, retail spaces, and industrial facilities safer, drier, and cleaner while reducing flooring maintenance costs. 

Commercial floor mats can be placed both inside and outside commercial facilities to prevent slip, trip, and fall accidents. Whether you operate a school, retail store, hospital, gym, restaurant, or another industrial facility, entrance floor mats are a smart investment. 

To protect your facility's flooring and prevent slip-and-fall accidents that could injure customers or workers, you need to choose the best type and size of entrance mat for your business. Commercial floor mats vary in design, quality, material, shape, texture and color. You will get the best return on your investment by choosing commercial floor mats designed to handle the level of foot traffic that goes in and out of your building. 

What is the best entrance mat for your commercial building and where is the best location to install it? We've put together this commercial entrance mat guide to answer those questions for you.

High Foot Traffic? Choose Aluminum Roll-Up Entrance Floor Mats

If your facility has high traffic in and out, invest in aluminum roll-up entrance mats. Aluminum entrance mats are the most effective barrier against mud, dirt, and debris tracked in by foot traffic. Aluminum roll-up entrance floor mats are not only strong and durable, but they are also very easy to clean. 

Where to Use Commercial Floor Mats

Aluminum roll-up entrance floor mats can be placed both inside and outside of the major entrances and doorways of your commercial building. These heavy-duty mats are perfect for airports, schools and busy office buildings. 

Recommended Aluminum Roll-Up Entrance Floor Mats

Several commercial entrance mat manufacturers produce aluminum roll-up floor mats. We recommend these handpicked products that offer you the greatest customization and shortest lead times. When you order a BaseMat, you choose the metal finish and tread type that suits your business's aesthetic. 

BaseMat MB-300 Series 

BaseMat MB-300 Series of aluminum roll-up entrance floor mats are an economical option to protect your building against dirt, mud, and debris deposited by foot traffic. These mats have corrosion-resistant aluminum rails connected by aluminum hinges with vinyl cushioned supports. 

 Customize BaseMat MB-300 Aluminum roll-up entrance floor mats here…

BaseMat MB-400 Series

BaseMat MB-400 Series complements the MB-300 Series. It is another economical, easy-to-clean entrance mat option that will protect your facility against dirt, mud, and debris. What sets the BaseMat MB-400 Series apart is that it is designed to be quieter.

Customize BaseMat MB-400 Aluminum roll-up entrance floor mats here…

Lots of Dirt, Moisture & Debris? Choose Aluminum Entrance Floor Grids

Aluminum entrance floor grids are ideal for cleaning off people's shoes as they walk into your commercial building. These mats hold up against moisture and effortlessly catch dirt and debris from visitors' shoes. Aluminum grids also reduce the noise from heavy foot traffic. If you have a busy entrance that needs to be cleaned constantly, choose aluminum entrance floor grids. These heavy-duty entrance mats will maintain the quality of your flooring and reduce your maintenance costs. 

Where to Use Entrance Floor Grids

Aluminum entrance floor grids are a popular choice for elevators, foyers and lobbies at hotels, gyms and busy malls. 

Recommended Aluminum Entrance Floor Grids

We handpicked these recommended aluminum entrance floor grids for you. These BaseTread grids can be customized for your business, from the shape and size to the metal finish and tread type. 

BaseTread GB-200 Series

The BaseTread GB-200 series is designed for medium foot traffic and/or cart traffic. GB-200 series grids can bear wheel loads of 750lbs per load. In addition, these aluminum grids are made with corrosion-resistant materials that serve as durable, stable, and long-lasting entrance flooring.  

Customize BaseTread GB-200 aluminum entrance floor grids here…

BaseTread GB-500 Series

The BaseTread GB-500 series are the strongest aluminum entrance floor grids capable of bearing 1000lbs per wheel load. These grids are also easy to clean, durable and long-lasting. 

Customize BaseTread GB-500 aluminum entrance floor grids here…

BaseTread GB-700 Series 

The BaseTread GB-700 series of aluminum entrance floor grids can capture the highest volume of moisture, dirt and debris. These floor grids also offer the best cushion for foot traffic and cart traffic. In addition, like the GB-200 and GB-500 grids, these all-aluminum grids are corrosion-resistant and durable. 

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Want to Stop Dirt at the Door? Choose Stainless Steel Entrance Grilles 

Stainless steel entrance commercial floor mats are popular for their sleek yet classic aesthetic and high-tech appearance. These matting systems absorb water and trap small dirt and dust particles. Stainless steel entrance grills are also equipped with vinyl backing, offering slip resistance that protects against slips and falls. 

Where to Use Entrance Grilles

Stainless steel entrance grilles are frequently installed outside of a facility since they provide recessed entry protection. Their stunning architectural finishes and efficient dirt scraping abilities make them suitable for any commercial facility, especially outside hotels and malls.

Recommended Stainless Steel Entrance Grilles 

We recommend these handpicked stainless steel entrance grilles for you. What sets the BaseGrille series apart from other options is that Base Specialities offers you the shortest lead times for these custom-made entrance floor solutions. 

BaseGrille SS-800 Series

The BaseGrille SS-800 entrance grilles are manufactured from 304 and 316 stainless. These architectural grilles have a modern design, effectively scrape dirt from people's shoes and absorb moisture effortlessly. 

Customize BaseTread SS-800 stainless steel entrance grilles here…

BaseGrille SS-900 Series

This series contains high-quality grilles with high tensile strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. The SS-900 series is designed for extra durability by utilizing u-clip supports and a performance-centered bar profile. 

Customize BaseTread SS-900 stainless steel entrance grilles here…

Low to Moderate Foot Traffic? Pick Rubber Entrance Floor Mats or Polypropylene Entrance Mats

Rubber entrance floor mats and polypropylene entrance mats are popular choices for commercial entranceways because they are affordable and durable. However, the downside of using rubber or polypropylene floor mats is that they can only capture a low volume of dirt and moisture. They can also be a tripping hazard since they sit on top of the floor instead of being level with the floor like aluminum or stainless steel entrance floor mats, grids, or grilles.

Where to Use Rubber Entrance Mats

Rubber and polypropylene entrance floor mats are best for the interior entrance of a building with low to moderate foot traffic, such as the entrance of a salon, spa, or small convenience store. 

Time to Choose an Entrance Mat for your Business!

An entrance floor mat is a smart investment to reduce your facility costs and prevent an expensive lawsuit due to a trip, slip or fall. Installing an aluminum or stainless steel entrance mat, grid or grille 6 to 15 feet from your doorway can reduce dirt and moisture throughout your building by 80%! We hope this guide has helped you find the best entrance floor solution for your business. If you have questions about aluminum or stainless steel entrance floor mats, grids or grilles, contact us!

Not sure where to begin? Learn how to choose the best entrance floor mats for your business!

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